Inquiry Submission By tangojohnDallas

I just spent the last month in Vietnam and Cambodia. I am in my 60s and am usually somewhat challenged by newer technology. Before the trip I downloaded the Grab app on my phone and set up payment with a travel rewards credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. As I understand it PassApp is similar to Grab but I didn’t bother with it. I ended up using Grab for most of my short rides. I still used my regular tuk tuk driver for my long excursions but mostly used Grab for my short rides in the city. I paid from .49 cents to $2.42 for most rides in the those LPG tuks with the average ride costing less than $1.50. In Siem Reap I encountered my first women drivers operating those LPG tuks. What I liked most about using the app was that I could put exactly where I was going to without trying to communicate it verbally to the driver. In the past I found going to some obscure restaurant a challenge without calling the restaurant for them to tell the driver where it was. I also enjoyed the ability to rate my driver and even give them a tip if I chose to. I also liked being able to choose between an LPG tuk and a regular remorque style tuk which was slightly more expensive. Looking at the app you can visually see the tuk coming on a map on your phone and also follow the route it is taking to your destination. In Phnom Penh I used Grab to book an suv to take me from my riverside hotel to the airport and the cost was $9.60

In Vietnam I used Grab to book cars to take me from the Saigon suburb of Thu Duc into district one at costs ranging from $4,82 to $6.90 which normally costs me from $10 to $15 in a conventional taxi.

This really worked well for me and I think others who feel challenged somewhat by technology will discover how really easy it is to use.