Inquiry Submission By BaldricandBaddles

This may be an interesting tool for visitors to Cambodia when seeking a guide and looks to give guides the chance to promote themselves, without a reliance on Travel Agents, Hotels or drivers.

phnompenhpost site/business/kingdoms-first-tour-guide-booking-app-launched?utm_source=Phnompenh+Post+Main+List&utm_campaign=56ccfa0386-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_22_03_23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_690109a91f-56ccfa0386-62251633

Below is the link for Guide Direk.

guidedirek site

Come back to TA and check reviews or use the search button for the guides name or ask a question on the forums, if you want to add to your research. Will be interesting to see how successful it could possibly be.

Cheers Baddles