Inquiry Submission By iTravel-A2Z


After a lot of research and thanks to people?s suggetions and various posts on TA, I decided to do a 1 full day tour and 2 half day tours.

This is so I don?t have to rush around every day and that I can also enjoy the pool at the hotel, go for a massage and of course explore Siem Reap with its markets and restaurants.

However, I am finding hard to find car and driver and especially a guide who would not charge for a full day despite doing half a day. I do understand the reason for it, but equally paying $225 for effectively 2 day?s worth of tousr is quite a lot of money.

Can anyone rcommend any good driver and/ or guide who would charge for half day tours, please. I will use the driver I contacted for the full day tour.

Alternatively, would anyone recommend to just hire a tuk tuk driver and go by myself with no guide? I will be in SR by myself so I am a bit reluctant to go alone.

My two day tours are:

One day: Visit Ta Prohon, Ta Nei, Preah Khan and maybe back to Angkor Wat.

The second day: visit Benteay Srei, Banteay Samr‚ and the Victory Gate area of Angkor Thom seeing Thommanon Chau Say Tevoda.

Would any of the two itineraries above be in quiet temple areas that you would not recommend going by oneself (not doing a rabbies vaccine btw, so anywhere too isolated and with monkeys I would find off putting). I am wondering whether it would it be easy to figure out where to go once in the temples and what are the important things to see.

And advice would be much appreciated, including car drivers, guides and tuk tuk driver recommendations. Thank you.