Inquiry Submission By Atanas_GK

Their fare was fair – 500 Baht which is half of other bus companies.

The bus itself was OK but the guys try to swindle you every way they can.

They asked for 1600 baht for Cambodia visa on arrival which is over $50, while the visa costs $30.

Fortunately we had online visas. Then they came up with a story how paying in dollars in Cambodia we would pay a hefty commission which is not true as dollars are accepted everywhere.

Their advice is to change dollars into Thai baht while still in Tailand at the border. The bank rate was about 30 Baht per dollar, which is fair. But once you cross the border a guy pops up in front of a change shop with no exchange rates advertised and tells you it is in the only one in Cambodia changing baht for riels. Of course you smell a rat. I asked how much would I get for 100 baht, which was all I had and they said 10000 riels, while the official rate is 12500 or they cheat you about 20%.

I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience?