Inquiry Submission By Carys897

One of my favourite trips from my 19 months in Cambodia was a trip to the Areng Valley in Koh Kong Province. We visited there for 4 days, staying in hammocks by the river and at the temple. An NGO called Mother Nature is working with the local community to establish nature and community based tourism in the valley to demonstrate that there are better ways to develop the area than the planned hydropower scheme that will destroy the local communities and the environment. The valley has a few villages, rare siamese crocodiles, wonderful scenery, and really friendly local Khmer people. The Wild KK Project is supported by Mother Nature and organise amazing tours to the valley. I contacted them and had an fantastic trip into the valley by bicycle, then we kayaked, trekked, chatted to our guides, ate amazing local food, and the local monks. I highly recommend you look them up and make some time for a visit, you won’t regret it!