Inquiry Submission By ZhongguoKM

Unfortunately I have had to cancel my entire Siem Reap trip at the last minute due to a serious family medical emergency. I had arranged for a driver to take me around for three days. He is a highly recommended driver and has been extremely friendly and helpful in planning.

I want very much to do right by him and to send him the full fee that I would have given him in cash for his three days of tuk tuk and car service. I realize my late cancellation might very well deprive him of income for those three days. The amount in question is $100 US. To me it’s a small amount; to him it’s a large amount. I don’t want to leave him holding the bag.

Any suggestions on the best way to do this? If I mail him a check drawn on my US home bank, will he be able to cash it? Will it be likely to get lost in the mail? Should I look into other electronic options, such as Western Union?

I have asked the driver the same question directly, but he has not responded yet (it has been less than 12 hours and he probably has not yet seen my e-mail.)

Wanted to see if any of you Old Cambodia Hands had helpful ideas. Thank you in advance.