Inquiry Submission By metam

I know this is not the exact right spot to ask this question, but I hope there are people here that can give me ideas where to go to.

My husband and I have adopted our daughter from Cambodia in 2002. I am searching for her birth relatives since the adoption. Sadly her documents don?t contain any information, and the people who handled the adoption can?t or don?t want to give any information too. About 2.5 years ago I started a Facebook page for her search.

facebook site/FindCamBirthparents/

We travelled to Cambodia 2 years ago for a roots trip, and also to search. During that trip, and after we came home through the Facebook page, several Cambodian people have approached me. They all lost a child to international adoption (several thought that our daughter was theirs). Our daughters DNA is in all databases, including the Khmer Cousins project in FamilyTreeDNA. I put the DNA of one birthmother in there too, which we took home with us during our trip, knowing that the stories didn?t match. I hope one day their daughter will take a DNA test and I can help them reunite again.

The big problem is: how can we put the DNA of the Cambodian birth parents in the DNA database so there is a chance they can find their lost children again. After talking with a co-worker about my dream (travel to Cambodia with 100 DNA kits and test as many birth families as possible) he suggested I start a fundraiser. So I did. Until now I have 17 DNA kits that I can take with me to Cambodia. The current plan is to travel to Cambodia in may-june of this year.

So my question is: I need money for the DNA kits. How can I find people who are interested in this cause, who want to donate money, or want to help me otherwise? I am working with LICADHO and other people within Cambodia. I have connections with journalists and TV persons. When I have enough DNA kits, I can send out the word that people can be tested (more than 1.7 million people in Cambodia have seen the Facebook page of my daughter). But I need money first. I am also thinking about selling things or other ways to earn money for this cause. For me this is very important. I looked into the faces of the people who lost a child. I cannot walk on without doing something.

Meta Meulenbelt

The Netherlands