Inquiry Submission By jdanh

I’m currently on a month long trip through Southeast Asia. My original plan was to go to India after Phuket for about 7 days, however, with the visa suspended with them I know how those 7 days to fill before moving onto to Bali to finish up our last spot.

Since we are already in Thailand, my plan was to either extend another day or two in Thailand and perhaps a few days in Kuala Lumpur before going to Bali (with a stopover in Siem Reap). Am I still able to get a visa on arrival or is it best to get an e-visa? If on arrival, do I need to have a passport photo with me already?

I also wanted to check out Vietnam for a few days (instead of extending my trip in Phuket). Hanoi was top on the list but with the bays closed and attractions shut down, as well as it appears there is a strict medical exam of some sort for foreigners, I’m not sure it’s worth the risk.

Whatever I decide, I have to wait until a few days before I go to book a flight as I don’t want crazy changes to happen where I am out the airfare (already happened with AirAsia on my flight back from India- $247 non-refunded but checking with travel insurance. Since my return flight to the states doesn’t leave Bali until April 4th, whatever I decide will need to get me back to Bali by the 30th of March.

I leave Phuket this Sat the 21st. Will that give me time to get an e-visa for Cambodia? Hopefully, I can book my airfare as late as the 19th or 20th without it costing too much.

Lastly, is there any word that the temples around the area may end up closing up for any length of time? I understand nobody knows for sure, but that is why I wish to wait on purchasing my airfare as well.

Thanks in advance