Inquiry Submission By travelwithkids2012


We are a family of 4, with 2 young teens, heading to SR in a few days and in the process of booking transportation (thanks to the recommendation of another tripAdvisor fellow) for the temples and maybe a guide. I have read many posts but unable to get the exact info for my questions. Here is my tentative schedule

Day 1: We land on early evening so I cannot go to get the temple passes. But I hope to make it to the Made in Cambodia Market, as it only opens on weekends.

Day 2: Grand Circuit – I will go buy the passes but will spend this day exploring temple by myself

Day 3: Small Circuit – Sunrise watch and then the Circuit with my family

Day 4: Remote Temple Sites (Kbal Spean ? Banteay Srei ? Banteay Samre) with my family

Day 5: Ziplines for kids in the morning and maybe quad bike in the afternoon

Day 6: Packup and head to airport at noon.

My questions are:

1. How long each day for the temple days (2, 3, 4) should I expect to be at the temples? The driver told me that if I am quick, the small circuit takes about 6 hours.

2. I read that people go to temples early and the back to hotel to rest at noon and then go out to temples again in the afternoon, is it a special arrangement with the driver? Or should I pay more for the break at noon back to the hotel?

3. How long is considered a day of work for the driver? I am a bit worried I may take time to look around, really don’t like to be hurried but I am willing to pay for it.

4. I can be back so no need to cover all temples this trip. Please recommend the MUST DO temples for each day, in case kids get tired or too hot.

5. Which day should I get a guide?

Thank you for your help.