Inquiry Submission By LetsGoNow101

Hi, We are travelling to PP in a week and with 4 nights there and 7 in SR before heading home from there. Planned nice long stays in PP and SR to have plenty of time to do the sights as well as time to relax but have 3 nights spare between cities. We had originally planned to head south from PP see the coast or an island for a few days and then fly to SR but have been a little put off by the negative press around over development pollution and the effort to get there (plus we have great beaches at home) and the possibility of maybe getting unlucky and having overcast weather since it is the wet season. Any suggestions on how to fill 3-4 nights en route to SR? We are travelling with a teen so won’t be hitting the bars and clubs but would love to experience the local culture or maybe take a river/lake trip. Batambang has come up as a destination by heard mixed things on how long to stay there and what to do. Any suggetions? We depart this Friday for HK before heading to PP on 1 July. Thanks in advance!