Inquiry Submission By saren911

I am trying to avoid high tourist season in the following countries: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar

I am arriving to the region (haven’t picked an entry point yet) in mid-June (the coincide with start of the wet season).

I know summer holidays means tourists, so I would appreciate your help to ORDER these specificÿcountries in the most logical way to avoid the peak period in each country. I don’t mind the rain, it is the tourists, I wish to avoid (and the higher prices associated with them). I have lots ofÿtime, for example 1 month in each country.

I am only going to specific pockets in each country.

And I am flying everywhere, not a fan of overland trips.ÿ

So fly in, spend 1 month in a loop, then fly out.ÿ

Here is a mock order, I would like to re-arrange it.

* THAILAND (Chiang Mai and Pai) mid June-mid July

* LAOS (Luang Prabang and North) mid July-mid Aug

* VIETNAM (Hanoi and North) mid Aug-mid Sept

* CAMBODIA (Siem Reap and Battambang) mid Sep-mid Oct

* MYANMAR (Mandalay and North) mid Oct-mid Nov

* I may skip Myanmar and/or Cambodia and spend the last couple months in either South/Central Vietnam,ÿSouthern Laos or Deep SouthÿThailand. Again, dependant on flight connections, and low season crowds.ÿ

So again, I am ok to go in wet season, and the whole point is to avoid peak tourist season, that is why I ended the trip in mid November, as the dry, peak season starts around that time in mainland Southeast Asia. Thanks!