Inquiry Submission By 1oman

Dear friends,

Thank you in advance for any help you can lend me! ­čÖé

1. Since I plan to stay in Cambodia for 3-9 months, have my own work and will not be looking for a job, what visa should I apply for upon landing in Phnom Penh (essentially, which will make life easier: the single entry visa for tourist (T) or single entry visa for business (E))?

2. From my understanding, I can extend the tourist visa for 1 month only before having to leave the country, but I can extend the business visa for several months. Is this accurate?

3. If, let’s say, I apply for a tourist visa, after the second month what would be the easiest/fastest visa run leaving from Phnom Penh and back?

4. Where can I obtain cell phone service in Phnom Penh?

5. Where can I purchase good Internet service in Phnom Penh?

Any additional advice that you can think of is most welcome!

Thanks again!