Inquiry Submission By C00kie91

I know there are a lot of threads on this already (and I have read several of them!) but after some opinions for our specific itinerary. We’re spending 4 nights in Siem Reap but we arrive very late on the first night and we’re planning on getting on a bus on the last morning, so we really just have the 3 full days in between. Because we arrive so late on the first night, I also don’t want to get up super early the next morning for a sunrise temple visit.

I’m leaning towards the below itinerary:

Day 1: Trip to Phnom Kulen National park, see waterfalls and pagoda

Day 2: Day trip of Angkor temples including sunrise, check out Pub Street or night markets

Day 3: Sleep-in and lazy morning around hotel pool, get a massage, Phare Circus at night (is there anything else worth seeing around Siem Reap town, I was thinking maybe a cooking class?)

Day 4: Bus to Phnom Penh

We’re interested in architecture but historically we’ve also been of the camp that if you look at enough temples, they all start to look the same…so we’d like some variety in what we see. On the other hand, I understand the Angkor temples are a pretty impressive sight and I don’t want to end up in a situation where we’re too rushed for time, or we feel like we didn’t really do it justice. So, has anyone spent only 1 day and felt like it was enough? Or do we really need at least 2 days?

The alternatives are that we do 2 days of Angkor temples + one day around the town centre, or 2 days of Angkor temples + 1 day in Phnom Kulen NP. I don’t mind the last option but I don’t want to feel too rushed (it’s a holiday after all!), and all the entrance fees + guides starts to get expensive as well.