Inquiry Submission By RMVPTravel

Hello. Below is my current Vietnam – Cambodia itinerary for a December 2019 trip.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), 4 nights. Our flight arrives 18:40, so we have three days there.

B?n Tre, 2 nights

Can Tho, 2 nights

Chƒu ??c, 3 nights

Phu Quoc, 3 nights

Kampot, 4 nights

Phnom Penh, 3 nights

Battambang, 3 nights

Siem Reap, 5 nights. Our flight back to Melbourne departs from Siem Reap, 18:55.

In further researching places and transiting from one place to the next, it seems Phu Quoc is quite difficult to get to. (We plan using public transport in most cases.) While the flights are quick and cheap, it would mean an extra trip to and from an airport (Ho Chi Minh City, or Can Tho).

We aren’t really planning for a beach holiday as such, but I thought a beach stop in the middle would be a nice break / contrast. But with the mixed reviews that Phu Quoc gets, I am wondering if it would be better to remove it entirely, and bump up Siem Reap to 7 nights, and add an extra night to one of the other places.

I do dislike transfers, so removing Phu Quoc has the added advantage of reducing transfers, and slowing the pace a little.

Would we get bored in Siem Reap with 7 nights? We do love history and temples and plan a lake cruise one of the days, so I suspect it should be OK. But what else is there to do there?

Would a day trip to Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay) be a decent enough alternative to Phu Quoc if we decide we want a beach day? Or are there other nice swimming areas that can be reached from Kampot?

And where would be the best place to add an extra day? I’m leaning towards Kampot as people seem to love it.