Inquiry Submission By Mela_bb86

It’s my first time in SE asia and I have 4 weeks. Thinking about flying into Siem Reap and out of Ho-Chi-Minh.

What do you think of the following route? I would rely on busses, except for the Sihanoukville – HCM (flight). I heard good things about Kratie but it is kind of out of the way – would it REALLY be worth the detour?

I am a solo traveller, 28yo and I enjoy exploring towns, local foods, nice cafes to sit down. I love being by the water (rivers, sea, …) and enjoy being in the nature, also some leisurely hikes. Not into partying but like having a social vibe where it is easy to meet other people. I do not really go to museums (but of course plan on visiting the temples) but prefer towns that carry some history in themselves ­čÖé

Siem Reap (4 nights)

Battambang (3 nights)

Phnom Penh (3 nights)

Kampot (3 nights)

Kep (2 nights)

Koh Rong Samloem (4-6 nights split into east and west side of the island)

Ho Chi Minh (4-8 nights) – suggestions for places nearby?

Any feedback is highly appreciated since I have no idea of what to expect from Cambodia but am very excited.