Inquiry Submission By John P

Thank you for all who give some advice/thoughts:

Fly into Siem Reap late morning Wednesday and arrive at hotel. Plan is to check out Siem Reap and eat lunch and then on way back to hotel stop and rent some bicycles, either Giant or Trek (work out hard every day, and will be running in hot humidity to get ready)

Get the 3 day pass for tickets for Angkor Wat, and then next day, Thursday, ride to Angkor Wat and enter through East entrance. Should we ride our bikes up Charles DeGaulle or a side street?

Move onto toward Srah Strang and the temples around. Lunch at???(Kolab Angkor?) and then to Banteay Kdei and Ta Prohm. Head back to swim and cool off ­čÖé

Evening dinner in Siem Reap, any suggestions?

Friday head toward Preah Khan and then Angkor Thom (or should this be reversed due to crowds).

Where to eat? Anyplace besides Cambodian Restaurant?

Last is there a detailed map of the trails we can ride on? I see a good one right before Kravan Temple. Again thanks for any comments.