Inquiry Submission By BrisbaneHolidaymaker

Hello everyone,

I just love this forum and how you can read so many threads to get so much information and if you have more questions ask them and get wonderful people who give their time so freely to give your responses. Thank you.

We will be in Cambodia for 16 days at the end of December and early January. We fly into SR in the morning of the 29/12 plan to stay there for two days then head to Battambang on the 31/12 returning to SR on the 2/1. I have a list of places we’d like to explore and things we’d like to do in Battambang but would appreciate so feedback, please We’ll probably spend a number of days looking at temples while we’re based in SR so would like to know if we should include some while in Battambang. One thought I had was to visit Wat Ek Phnom on the way to Battambang (we hope to set off fairly early from SR). Is this a good option or better to head straight to Battambang? We were thinking of spending the rest of the day exploring some of the city then heading out to Phnom Sampov in the afternoon before having dinner at Jaan Bai Restaurant. On the 1/1 we are planning a bicycle tour of the countryside in the morning. In the afternoon we had thought about going to Prasat Wat Banan. Will this add to temple overload if we are also planning the Small Tour in SR as well as day tours and possibly the Big Tour? I’ve looked at boat tours and it seems like the ones which ran previously have stopped but that we might be able to organise a boat from the river bank. Has anyone done that and knows if it is worthwhile? The other question I have is regarding the Phare Circus, is there a difference between the one in Battambang and SR. We weren’t really thinking of doing both so if one was better than the other or known to be more supportive of disadvantaged youth it would help our decision making. Thanks for any feedback