Inquiry Submission By Adam G

Arriving in Siem Reap on 31 Dec for 3 days. I am planning to see 2 days of temples and then do either Tonle Sap or Kulen waterfalls for a half day for something different. Any thoughts comparing the two options? If the mosquitos are more terrible in Kulen, I might opt for Tonle, but I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.

Day 1 – I arrive at 11am and was thinking day 1, get temple pass, see 1/2 day of temples, back to town for shopping, dinner and new years eve around pub street

Day 2 – full day of temples (start at 9am). – Phare Circus at night

Day 3 – 1/2 day temples, 1/2 day Tonle Sap or Kulen