Inquiry Submission By Hannah B

Hi all,

Wondered whether you might take a look at my thoughts for a trip? Unfortunately we’re travelling in April so I know it’s going to be very hot and quite the shock coming from the UK. We were in Vietnam last April which was pretty hot so I’m hoping we’ll be ok but just wanting to check that we’re being sensible with our timings.

Arrive 20th April at Phnom Penh

3 nights in PP

23 April – bus to Siem Reap

3 nights in SR

26 April – Fly to Sihanoukville

5 nights on either Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem (currently undecided!)

30 April – travel to Kampot

2 nights Kampot

We then need to be back in PP on May 4th to fly home on May 5th so we have a couple of nights spare with the above plan that I’m not sure where would be best to spend them?

I have been to PP and SR in 2014, the other half has never been to Cambodia so we want to see and do as much as we can but we want a few days towards the end to chill out and relax before coming home.

With the heat in mind, is the above reasonable? Where would you spend the extra nights? We’re also not sure on which island yet.. we like the idea of KRS because it’s laid back and we don’t like big parties but we do like local food and a cold beer as well as the option of something to do if we’re bored of relaxing (:)) and so we wonder if a quieter area of KR might be better for us.

Any thoughts/advice/tips would be very gratefully received!