Inquiry Submission By B C

Hello everybody,

I am thinking to an itinerary that include for sure SiemRiep with the Angor Wat site, the capital and Battambang.

I was thinking to land in Bangkok where spend 3-4 days and then flight to Cambodia, I think it is also the easier option to get to Cambodia?

What is nto clear to me is:

– I think I wpuld like the Boat from Battambang to Siem Riep, from from which city is more convenient to reach Battambang?

– besided the places I mentioned, what are in your opinions other sites that should be considered as must see for a first trip to Cambodia? Some tips to write down an itinerary of maximum 3 weeks?

I usually travel alone so I would prefer where it is possible to move by public transport.

Thanks a lot!