Inquiry Submission By heqwerty

Hubby and I have 2 weeks in Cambodia arriving 28 December, after 4 weeks in Vietnam.

Planning 4 nights Phnom Penh, 4 nights Kampot, 6 nights Siem Reap. Flight home to the UK via Saigon 🙁

Wanted to train from PP to Kampot but it’s not on the Tuesday we travel, so will probably bus it.

Not sure best way of getting Kampot-SR?

– 2 hour bus to Sihanoukville, flight to SR.

– 3 hour bus back to PP, flight to SR

– 3 hour train back to PP, flight to SR (hear it’s unreliable?)

– 7 hour private driver Kampot-SR

Any other grand option?

Any thoughts on any of my plan….

(We have a bizarrely long list of things to see and do in Siem Reap – I feel I need 6 weeks there alone….but alas!)