Inquiry Submission By Qx R

Hello guys,

could you recommend some local Siem Reap authentic khmer eateries/holes in the wall serving dishes with prahok, red ants, meats on the bone, specific to Cambodia veg and roots etc. Happy to eat my food from lotus leaf or from a plastic bag if needs be – not bothered with fancy decorated plates. Also not interested in high-end dining – I would love to eat what the locals eat.

Trip Advisor has many recommendations on Khmer food in Siem Reap but I am not interested in fusion, Thai, Chinese or spots serving french fries or focusing purely on bugs like the Bugs Cafe.

Have found one place called Melorn’s House located on the outskirts of Siem Reap looking ok (not sure of the pricing though) – but is there anything similar to that in the town? There has to be some decent holes in the wall serving good, safe in terms of hygiene, affordable authentic khmer food?

Thanks ­čÖé