Inquiry Submission By AnnaLy078

Hi all,

I am planning for a trip for 5 (in our 20s) to Cambodia in December 2019. After Siem Reap we want to relax at a beach for a few days. I was set to visit Kor Rong as I saw many great reviews about it. But now the more I searched and read the more confused and uncertain I became.

I desperately need a 2019 update! Is any part of Koh Rong still nice and clear of trash? We want to chill on the beach with clear water and white sands during the day, but also hit some pub/ try out local food at night (no we are not party animals, just like a little bit of fun).

Can some one tell me if Koh Rong has turned into another Phuket yet? On the other side, is Koh Rong Saloem more developed already? Are there more restaurants and eateries than before?

If you have any other island in mind would be great as well.