Inquiry Submission By Lawry_10

We are travelling to Cambodia in late December, 2020. Doing Siem Reap for 6 nights, Battambang for 3 nights, Phnom Phen for 3 nights, Kampot for 3 nights and was then going to Koh Rong for 4 nights, but on the way back will have to have a night in Sihanoukville due to flight to KL being at 1.30pm. Then 3 nights in KL then to Sydney.

My question is should we just go/fly from Kampot, via Sihanoukville airport to Penang or Langkawi via KL for 5 nights or should we go and see Koh Rong? We like swimming but also like see things. Is Koh Rong worth going to now or should we go to Langkawi or Penang? Would love everyone’s honest opinion.