Inquiry Submission By Josh G


I am arriving in Sihanoukville around 11:45 on the 11th of February. I am flying to Cambodia tonight and haven?t booked ferry tickets to get from Sihanoukville to KRS.

Do I need to book in advance? I would prefer to but I have looked at bookmebus and they require tickets to be printed off in advance – as I am in Siem Reap I suspect that might be quite difficult. Or is there somewhere that would print the email off for me?

I haven?t asked the hotel yet, do they generally have facilities to print?

Or can I just turn up at the pier anyway on the 11th and buy tickets? I am not averse to this given that I am not sure what time I will be there, but I don?t want to miss out.

If anyone can offer any assistance that has done the journey lately that would be great.