Inquiry Submission By Damien

Hi All

I will be travelling to Koh Rong Samloem in november and have a flight from Phnom Penh at 9pm on saturday 23rd November.

Is it realistic to leave the island in the morning and catch the flight in your opinion ?

I can see from here this website that the first boat leaves at 7am and we will probably be aiming at 8.30 one as GTVC seems to be faster

Now a few questions: I know this plans depends a lot on boat reliability. Has anyone got experience with GTVC ? our hostel on KRS recommends TBC Ferry or Speed Ferry Cambodia which both have horrendous reviews when it comes to being on time.

From your experience, which one is best?

And also from Sihanoukville to PP, I read that it takes around 4 hours. Any advice on a reliable company to do the transfer ? I don’t mind paying extra for a private taxi.

I also know that this plan relies on the sea being ok. At the moment I see constant rain/wind for Koh Rong weather forecast. Is this reliable at all or someone closer the the island could help ?

Thanks. I appreciate this is a lot of questions