Inquiry Submission By mojo105105

I would like up to date info from people who have actually cycled in these places….

Lonely Planet and Gov websites say there are landmines still in rural areas and you should not go off the roads/tracks at all – no picnic wees behind trees! and no camping in rural areas…

But on other forums people have said that is rubbish and everywhere is safe and the only places still mined are well signposted….

I really don’t want to find out the hard way – especially after reading of a child blown up in a rural village near Siem Riep…

Has anyone current info on rural areas – Surin down across the border into Cambodia, to Siem Riep, across Cambodia to Stung Treng, and up the Mekong into Laos, up to Pakse and back across into Thailand to Surin..??