Inquiry Submission By Siobh n C

I need some help on the next stage of our family backpacking trip through south and southeast Asia. So far, my partner, our three kids and I have travelled through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka and we?re about to head back to Thailand (Chiang Rai and Chiang Rai) before crossing overland into Laos, where we plan to get the slow boat down to Luang Prabang.

After Laos, we plan to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysian Borneo. We want to travel overland between Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, but I?m not sure whether we should head from southern Laos overland into Cambodia and then overland into southern Vietnam or whether we should do Vietnam first, starting north and then travelling down south and crossing into Cambodia from southern Vietnam.

The things I?m wondering about are the various border crossings we?d be looking at crossing and whether some routes are easier than others in terms of avoiding scams and long delays etc. The other thing I?m wondering about is climate. I realise that it will be getting pretty hot in both Cambodia and Vietnam, but I?ve heard that sites like Angkor Wat can be quite nice to visit in the monsoon as there are less tourists and the rain can make everything lush and green. Likewise, we?re very keen to do a three day hike in Sapa and are hoping to pick a time when things look lush and green.

So if we choose to head to Cambodia first, we?d be arriving in mid May (for two weeks) and in Vietnam in early June (for a month). If we head to Vietnam first, we?d be arriving in mid May (for a month) and in Cambodia in mid June.

After Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam (or Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia), we?d then want to head somewhere we can fly easily to Borneo (maybe Bangkok, Singapore or KL?) and if it?s possible to get there overland, this would be our preference too.

Any advice on the best plan would be greatly appreciated! 🙂