Inquiry Submission By CHOCABLOC

Hey all this has been on my list for a while. I hope to go with a friend and our two 14 year old boys. I don’t mind planning and travelling independently I’m used to it, but I’m short on time and the distances I need to travel aren’t great even though transport seems brilliant to get around. Still researching so will most probably want to add a few places still if I can,and figuring out travel distances slowly. I have found a tour but you have to be 18 sadly. So wondered what the cost would be to hire a driver etc to do this privately, as I don’t think logistically I can fit it all in. I know to get to siam rep (trying not to give that a miss) it’s far and quicker to fly so if its DIY I can’t afford a day out on the road, but can do 4 hours from PP to HCM on the ferry. Looked at a few itineraries but have only researched for a day or 2 found flights last night.

Hope to travel on 22nd pm flights arrive midnight next day or 23rd May from London to PHNOM Penh (cheapest return flights) back on the 2nd June so minus 2 days for travel. Anything I can combine into two days, the tour was perfect did everything somehow ??


Angkor watt (1 day)

Cu Chi Caves

Water puppet show

Jungle trek (overnight of possible but can do in Cambodia)

Sapa looks amazing no clue where it is logistically yet

Da Nang (know there’s lots to do but the golden bridge has caught my eye, but can’t go just for that right unless it’s enroute)

Halong Bay and Hanoi (no clue what I’m planning there yet can maybe miss hanoi out but think there’s some landmarks and temples)


Night on the mekong delta on a house boat (or just day trip or side trip cai rang market but been to Thailand so can skip this all of I need to logistically)

Killing fields and prison

KOH RONG day(s) at the beach

Know its alot but i did alot of Japan in 10 days using trains and buses and spent a few nights in each place then moved on.

Want to do off the beaten path but don’t have time and want to actually enjoy each country of i don’t have to rush too much.

Thanks all for your help please be kind in shooting down my plans. Wong post the your I’ve seen as it’s advertising, but fits most of it in.

This is just as exhausting as planning Japan, but I did it haha