Inquiry Submission By EverWonderer

I have just returned from a 8 day visit to Siem Reap. Apart from the Big Two (Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat), it is advisable to narrow down the quantity of temples viewed in favour of quality to avoid that templed out feeling. Some of the lesser visited sights that are absolutely worth seeing:

Kulen Mountain: whilst there is time (1.5 hours each way) and expense (a private car is required), it is worthwhile visiting with a private guide. Below are some reasons:

– Active hermit caves still used for meditation and animist worship practices. There is also a hermit community that you can visit.

– The oldest temples in the region;

– Spectacular early Hindu rock art.

There are also homestay and trekking options on the mountain. For photos see

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Koh Ker temple group:

A $10 pass and 2 hours each way but imagine what Angkor Wat was like before mass tourism.

There are two gems that are must see:

Prasat Thom, a perfectly proportioned pyramid structure. Sensational view from the top.

Prasat Kra Chap – the real Tomb Raider temple where you are likely to be the only visitor . See photos:

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If time/budget does not permit travel to farther temples, it is worthwhile to spend extra time at Preah Khan. The bas reliefs and architecture are sensational and fig trees provide stunning photo opportunities, on par with Ta Prohm. It is a busy temple in the morning as most tour companies use it as the first stop of the grand circuit. But if you get here at lunchtime, it is not crowded. See photos:

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