Inquiry Submission By taitai

Our trip isn’t until August but I have had time over winter break to play around with our itinerary and so I would appreciate some feedback. We are a family with three teen sons who will be visiting SR in the beginning of a two week trip. Due to school and sports schedules, we can ONLY go in August and so will do our best with the heat, humidity and rain. After SR we will be heading to Vietnam. I have been before close to 30 years ago when there were very few tourists and almost no facilities. My husband and kids have never been to Cambodia but have been to Asia multiple times. Based on feedback on this site, I am going to look for two tuk-tuks to haul us around plus one guide. The constant feedback I get from my family is that I overload their days on trips with too many sites and activities so I am REALLY trying to be very chill and not jam too much in. I have been before and my kids are young and adventurous and can visit again if they wish. So, I don’t feel as if we need to see and do EVERYTHING this trip.

Day 1 (Friday) – we will arrive late at night after many long flights from the midwest. Just check into the hotel and crash.

Day 2 (Saturday) – thought I would make this a really low key day to let everyone sleep and recover. I figure after everyone sleeps, works out (working out daily will be very important to family harmony…we often travel with a basketball so people will head out to find a court) and eats, I thought we could visit the Silk Farm and/or the Angkor Museum. Then, grab tickets around 5 and head to the sunset assuming it isn’t raining. If energy levels hold, maybe the Phare Circus that night and Night Market for dinner.

Day 3 (Sunday) – I might have one shot at getting people up for sunrise (assuming Angkor Wat) and early in the trip is probably my best bet so that will be the plan for this day. After sunrise I was thinking exploring Angkor Thom. If there is energy/time left going to Ta Phrom. If not, heading back to hotel for a swim and nap and food and then maybe heading out again in the late afternoon to Ta Phrom. If we are going to the Aspara Dance show at Raffles, this is the night.

Day 4 (Monday) – Angkor Wat this morning (go early to climb the Bakan) and then Preah Khan, Ta Som, Baphuon and then head back to hotel for pool, nap and work out. Maybe late in the day if timing works going to Bateay Srei (a must see for me….didn’t see it my first trip). I understand it best early or late in the day which is my thought process here. Maybe we don’t take a break this day (will I have grouchy people?) and head to Landmine Museum on way to Bateay Srei which I think everyone will really appreciate.

Day 5 (Tuesday) – Not sure what to do with this day. Beng Meleay and Tonle Sap (would need a car and not tuk-tuk)? Landmine Museum? Other must see temples? It will be our last full day in SR. If we don’t have good, solid, plans I am wondering if we leave a day earlier and head to Vietnam and add the day in Hue or Hoi An. Alternative night for Phare Circus.

Day 6 (Wednesday) – maybe some last minute shopping and exploring SR in the morning and then head to early afternoon flight to Vietnam.

What am I missing? Does this schedule appear doable?

I appreciate any feedback.