Inquiry Submission By TootsOkotoksAlberta

Hi I am trying to figure out what to do about buses and flights in Cambodia. We are flying into Siem Reap Jan 17 and staying there for 10 days. I have accommodation there already. Then go to Battambang from Jan 27 – Jan 31. I forgot about the Lunar New Year is on Jan 25. What should I do about buses to Battambang and back. I have not booked our flight from Siem Reap to Hoi Chi Ming City yet, looking to leave Jan 31 or Feb 1. What will be happening when we are there for this Holiday, which is celebrated in Vietnam but not Cambodia. Also trying to figure out about our Vietnam Visa, where to get it online or when we are in Cambodia? Need a 3 month multi entry. We are travelling in Vietnam for 2 months. Thanks so much in advance. Beverly