Inquiry Submission By 853lesiam

We flew in to Phnom Penh at around 11am and decided as there were 3 of us we’d get a cab which we were assured it would be much faster. About 5 hours into our journey and sensing we were near the end we realised or driver was completely lost. Luckily one of us had roaming, Google maps got us to the ferry for around 4.30 to hear that the boat wasn’t leaving from the normal price so we were too late. An unplanned stay at Benny’s and we were up the next morning for the 7.30 ferry which was cancelled because of rain (start of monsoon). 9 o’clock arrived and time for the next ferry and we were told we were getting a bus to another pier. A truck and bus ride later we made it. Bumpy crossing but absolutely fine. Met by a small boat from our resort. It didn’t seem like many places were doing this though. So I think the moral, your not guaranteed to arrive when you expect in rainy season ??