Inquiry Submission By TygerBright

Hi again

Back with more fine tuning questions for my Angkor trip in April

Refined it a bit further to this second draft.

Day 1: (tuk-tuk with local guide)

– Angkor and Bayon

– Hotel / lunch

– Ta Som, Neak Pean, Preah Khan?

Day 2: (driver for 1/2 day and no guide)

– Angkor for sunrise

– Breakfast at hotel (if time allows)

– Banteay Srei

– Beng Mealea

– Banteay Samre

– Hotel / Town / Lunch / Shopping

– Phare circus evening show

Day 3: (tuk-tuk and no guide)

– Ta Prohm

– Banteay Kdei

– Hotel / Town / Lunch / Shopping

– Bayon / Angkor 2nd visit

So day 2 is posing me some questions. Firstly, I?m trying to combine both Banteay Srei and Beng Mealea as we?d have to have a driver for either so seems to make sense. We?re thinking we could get to Banteay Srei at opening time as we?ll be be up early for the sunrise anyway ? I suspect we?d have a couple of hours there before we drive on to Beng Mealea. But I guess we?ll arrive at Beng Mealea around 10 AM or so I.e. when it?s at it?s busiest with tour buses.

1) Am I over-thinking this and should just go to Beng Mealea as soon as we?re done at Banteay Srei?

2) I?ve read that when going between these two you might end up returning close to Siem Reap due to the road network being better? If true, then I?d consider splitting them and hitting Beng Mealea on day 2 or even day 3 in the afternoon

3) Is there something we can do to use up time in between on the drive so that we arrive at Beng Mealea around midday when it?s hopefully quieter? e.g. local villages or pagodas to see?

4) What are the lunch options in these outer temples like? We?re vegetarian so street side shacks may not cater for us well?

?Hoping the community can help me here and I can then re-jig the plan

Many thanks in advance!

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