Inquiry Submission By Nina G.

I am flying from the U.S. to Siem Reap for just 4 days specifically to see all the sites in Angkor Park and Siem Reap. Since the flight is so long and this is going to be a special trip for my boyfriend and I, I am hoping to get the best experience out of a tour.

Looking for:

-A Private Guided Tour (preferably 2-days)

-A tour that is historically enriching, informative, but also allows time to wander and explore on your own.

What I want to know:

-Is it worth it to try to do the sunrise? Sunset? Which is better if you have to pick one?

-Is it recommended to find a tour that incorporates the floating fishing villages? I am personally less interested in the lake and fishing villages than the temple, as I have spent a lot of time along the coast & rivers in Thailand, but my boyfriend has never been to Southeast Asia, so he may enjoy it.

Any help/advice is appreciated!