Inquiry Submission By Keeva O


I suffer from motion sickness (very sensitive!) and am hoping to visit Phnom Penh but am concerned about getting around. Itinerary information is available online but I’m struggling to find out about factors that would impact motion sickness such as road bumps, twists and turns, air quality (both outdoors and within the taxis/other forms of transport), and traffic – if journeys involves a lot of starting/stopping, that makes it much worse.

From what I’ve read online it seems that a taxi from the airport to the city is my best option for a smooth, comfortable and air conditioned option, and it seems that the taxi will take about an hour. Is this correct? Perhaps I will take an early flight to Phnom Penh to try to avoid rush hour traffic – what hours would you advise to avoid traffic?

From the city to the killing fields – is a taxi an option or is the road too bad for that? I have read in other forums that the road is very bad and tuk tuk was the only option, and that the tuk tuk takes about 45 minutes. Is this true? I have also read from one blogger that it is easy to cycle, but others have disagreed with him. What do you think?

Before someone says ‘just take motion sickness tablets’ – I’ve tried every form of motion sickness tablet and seen Neurologists / ENT consultants but there’s nothing more I can do in terms of medication/medical treatment, so being aware of these considerations and choosing the most appropriate option is the best way for me to manage this. Your help would be greatly appreciated, as it is almost impossible to find this sort of information online! ­čÖé