Inquiry Submission By Jenny-Prak

Hi everyone,

I’ve been wanting to ask this question for a while: What is going on in Koh Kong?!

To understand my frustration, please bare with me as I write about my experience in Koh Kong.

Me and my boyfriend just came back from there (we stayed 4 days). We stayed at a very nice place so it was very relaxing but we were looking to do some activities there. I had read about Koh Kong Island (referred as Koh Moul on the Internet for some reason) and really wanted to take a trip there so I had reached out to several boat tours agencies on the internet before going to Koh Kong but none of them replied back. We waited 2 days for an answer but seeing that we would never get one, we headed to Koh Kong Town (for those who don’t know, there is Koh Kong Province, Koh Kong Village, Koh Kong Town and Koh Kong Island).

This was the most depressing town ever. People aren’t very friendly and it looks deserted overall. We stopped by a touring agency but no one was there and it was really dusty. So we go around and find another one, which is when we got told that there are no more boat tours in all of Koh Kong. Imagine our surprise! A beach town, with a few islands around, that does not offer boat tours at all?! We asked why but they could not really give us any reason.

So we leave Koh Kong town a bit sad and stop by a hotel for lunch where we meet a local guy who also happened to be a guide. I ask him if he knows how we can get to Koh Kong Island, showing him the island on Google map, and for 20min he doesn’t get which island I am talking about (his english was good). He finally starts to see which island I am showing him and gives a call to a friend and informs us that it would be 300$ to go there. He himself agrees that it’s way too much and admits to us that he did not even know about Koh Kong Island (it is the biggest island in Cambodia).

We leave the restaurant and the confusion grows more and more. We had also asked out hotel if they could organize a trip there and they told us it would be 150$, which is why we went to town to see if there would be any cheaper options. Once back to our hotel, it turns out that it’s not possible to organize a trip there anyways.

I was pretty sad about it all because my main motivation to go to Koh Kong was so we could take a trip to the island. Why was I so resilient to go there? The thing is, you can read a pretty detailed description about it on many websites. It apparently has 10 waterfalls, with one as high as 25 meters, pristine white sand beaches, luxurious jungle and Irrawady dolphins can supposedly be seen swimming around the island.

So going to Koh Kong must have been a thing at some point! But it seems that it is not possible anymore!! And a few locals did not even know what island we were talking about, even when we showed them on a map!

So does anyone knows the reason why nobody offers boat tours there anymore? Has anyone been there? How? How is it on Koh Kong Island?

I am just really confused at how a beach town does not offer any boat rides anywhere and especially not to the biggest island in Cambodia?!