Inquiry Submission By Jlikestravelling

Hello everyone

I?ve spent a long time trailing through this forum and Lonley Planet forum and reading lots of blogs. I?m looking for information about visiting the national parks. I find lots of information about the parks to visit and companies offering tours etc. I?m trying to find details of how to visit them myself and hike the trails at own leisure and visit waterfalls and enjoy the environment. But I?m struggling to find anything.

Can You only visit the national parks with guides? Or on an organised tour? Do I need to book permits can you do shorter hikes on your own? Perhaps over night with a guide? Can I book these at the park HQ?

I?m traveling with a friend and are both independent hikers,ussually hire cars to get to places so not sure we will enjoy having a guide but do understand if that is what is required due to safety.

I?ve hiked in The Amazon and Borneo (with a guide as was doing an over night trek in remote places with indigenous people.also hiked in Mulu To get to the pinnacles but with a guide.i have also hiked alone in Borneo in one of their national parks Bako and you can just hike alone and follow markers on trees.(i was alone then (30 years Old female).

I would really appreciate any help and guidance or even if it?s to tell me that I?m wasting my time. Sorry I can only base my experience on Borneo hiking.

Many thanks