Inquiry Submission By JohnnyGoldcoast

I’ve just booked 2 nights at Nice Beach Hotel but I noticed that there’s been no reviews for about 12 months for this hotel. Does anyone know it it’s still open or still there? It’s could be another-one that’s been bulldozed for a casino?

If surviving expats or tourist near there at the moment can you please do a walk or drive by please.

Much appreciated.

Cheers John

Ochheateal Beach Road, Sangkat 4, Serindipity Beach, Sihanouk, Cambodia

google site/maps/place/Nice+Beach+Hotel+Sihanoukville/@10.6082074,103.522847,19z/data=!4m10!3m9!1s0x0:0x37da42c36b2570f!5m4!1s2019-07-27!2i2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d10.6080611!4d103.5228308

Edited: 1 year ago