Inquiry Submission By niknok174

Avoid at all costs!!!!!

We were assured when we booked that there is a toilet on board. This, we soon found out was NOT the case!! I had just that day started with “travellers tummy” and was appalled by the lack of facilities as well as only two toilet stops along the way!!! One of which I wouldn’t let my dog go in, but I was desperate!!!!. Make sure to take plenty of baby wipes, not only for the obvious, but hands as well as often no facilities to wash hands! We were aboard for around eighteen hours, not brilliant if you are feeling unwell and have particularly unsympathetic drivers, who think it Is marvellous for men to “go” in a bush, but are apalled if a woman suggests it

The “bunk” which you are allocated is very small and cramped, there are two to a bunk. I am 5″3 and only just fit. It is also very claustrophobic, even more so when you close your curtains to keep your fellow traveller at bay!

At the border of Vietnam, everybody is asked to fill in a form, before being told in an abrupt manner by the driver to get off the bus, collect your luggage and have it placed through a scanner, before you walk across the border to re-join your bus. before a head count can be made, you are on your wat once again. DO NOT DAWDLE at this point, they WILL go without you!

Not an experience that I would ever repeat again, think carefully before booking!!!