Inquiry Submission By Maitravels

We have just returned from our amazing 2 week trip to Cambodia and I would like to share our experience and hope it maybe useful to others.

Thanks to a lot of reading and asking questions here on the TA forum and by pm to to the Cambodia experts we were fortunate enough to enlist the services of the wonderful Ms Davy Keo for 2 days.

Ms Davy is a remarkable woman who met us at our hotel on our 1st morning and together we visited the Killing Fields and S21, a very moving and insightful experience, especially as she told us the story of her own displaced family while she was a young teen during the regime.

On our second day we met up again with Ms Davy and the lovely “Travelkat” (one of the destination experts on the forum) and visited Udong mountain as well as two communities that Ms Davy supports in various ways by donating food and medications, as well as a silver workshop run by a lovely lady who takes in orphans. Again this was another insightful experience, off the tourist trail, and we felt privileged to see the amazing work she does supporting these underprivileged communities and meet local families.

Ms Davy made our stay in PP very special and memorable and the experience left a lasting memory for us that we could have never experienced by ourselves.