Inquiry Submission By traveller100290

Not a question but a warning to others- avoid the dogs at night.

I have only been here for a day and walked back to my accommodation near the durian roundabout at 9pm last night.

Streets were pretty quiet other than street traders packing up but found myself on a very dark length of road.

A pack of dogs rushed out of a property (so I guess not feral) and started after me barking. I kept my head and kept walking (no idea how I did it as I was crapping myself). Then a big dog came rushing out from the same property and was really giving me the fear.

I kept walking and looking forward and they eventually lost interest after a 30m walk.

Please look up how to act in such a position. I just wish I?d gotten the 2 dollar tuk-tuk ride right to my door!

Be warned as this was pretty scary and could have ended up really badly!