Inquiry Submission By goasteve

Hi everyone. I’ll be back in Phnom Penh to be with my long term fianc‚ in November and surprise, surprise my Mum is wanting to call out and meet Neang. She is considering PP for a couple of weeks and my job is to find a lovely hotel which might cater well for a 80 year old…..I’m looking initially at the area around the Palace, and I already know of the Pavilion (old colonial building, beautiful pool (with easy access steps), friendly service etc. Does anyone have recommendations of a similar nature? I’m looking online at the Plantation, and Blue Lime (although is the Blue Lime pool in the shade all day?) which look similar to the Pavilion. My Mum might be happy to do her own thing as well (so somewhere with easy walking maybe (?); although of course I know that PP is not really easy walking. She has only ever been to European countries usually with package/ resort style accommodation but with good access to walks along sea promenades etc.; and this will be a trip of a life time…….Any recommendations (including if possible hotels where other elderly people may be staying)….? People might also like to say where they would visit (easy trips within PP) to add some daily interest.

Edited: 1 year ago