Inquiry Submission By TimeToTravelAgain

We arrive in PP afternoon of Friday 8th Nov and leave morning of Monday 11th, so will be there for National Day and the start of the Bon Om Touk. That raises a few questions that I can’t find definitive answers to elsewhere, so hoping the collective knowledge on Tripadvisor can help, please.

– will opening times of palace/museums/etc. be different from usual on either the Saturday (National Day) or Sunday (Bon Om Touk)?

– have already worked out that it will be harder (and possibly more expensive?) to get around than usual, but do we need to book anything in advance to go to S-21 and the Killing Fields, or are we OK to wait until we are there? Our plan is to go on Saturday, then spend Sunday enjoying the festival.

– Another ‘do we need to book ahead?’ question relating to getting a taxi to Tatai on the Monday morning.