Inquiry Submission By globetrotters

Finally making my second trip back to Cambodia in February, my first was in 2010 and I vowed to return after just a four day visit on my first trip which was split between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

This time we are spending a week, which follows on from a week in Laos. We are flying in from Vientiane to PP and spending the first night there, 5 nights on Koh Rong Samleon and then final night in PP before flying back to Bangkok for last night before flight home to London. I know it’s a

bit of a whirlwind but hopefully I’ll be back for a third time to see more!

I’m struggling to decide which way to travel down to Sihanoukville to catch the 11am ferry (or thereabouts). So I figure the best options timewise is either flying or private transfer, although I realise that nothing can be guaranteed timewise!

Roughly how long would a private transfer take? I’ve read 4 hours, is this realistic? I do not know the airport area of Sihanoukville or how big the airport is itself, I’m assuming pretty small? Roughly how long would it take to clear the airport with hold luggage etc after landing and how far is it to the ferry terminal? Are there taxi’s outside that we could pick up straight away? I’ve looked at the train which seems to be a no and the shared minivans appear to unpredictable timewise.

The Koh Rong Samleom forum is pretty quiet, hence why I’ve posted here.

Any other thoughts or tips on this would be gratefully appreciated, thank you!