Inquiry Submission By Kanchi

Hi all

We are planning to visit Cambodia for a week (10th to 16th Dec) as our daughter will be doing some community work (service in action) in Phnom Penh from 9th to 21st Dec. Unfortunately, we cannot extend our stay or change dates because when she leaves and coming back to Australia we need to be here. So both of us want to visit Cambodia too and thought this is a perfect opportunity ­čÖé But the downside is that we only have a week to travel around.

Our plan is to stay in Phnom Penh as I’m thinking of buying a fly/hotel package. Initially, I was thinking of staying at Sokah Phnom Penh Hotel but saw some reviews stating that it is a bit further from the city centre (transport). Now I’m leaning towards the Palace Gate Hotel & Resort. Hope this is a good hotel and easy to get taxis or just walk to the city centre.

My concern is, we want to visit the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap but not sure whether a week in Cambodia is enough to do so. I mean, I understand that going to Seam Reap from Phnom Penh is in a way a day trip itself. Also, we would like to check a few places on the way such as Skun, Sambor Prei Kuk and Kompong Kdei (to look at Spean Pratos). Then at night, we would like to visit the Angkor night market. Is this closer to the Angkor Wat temple?

Wonder whether it is possible to book a private vehicle to go to Phnom Phen to Seam Reap and on the way visit the places I mentioned before, then go to the night market, next day morning visit the Angkor Wat temple and back to Phnom Phen by bus? If not, if we have enough time and if the markets are closer to the Angkor Wat temple, we don’t mind visiting the temple in the afternoon/evening before the markets and then next day leave early. Do you think it is possible? Would be very grateful for some advice.

Other than the Angkor Wat temple, what else is there to see and do in and around the same area? We may consider getting a tuk-tuk or a taxi for a few hours to get to the temple, back to the hotel to get our luggage and then to the bus station. If so, could someone please give me an idea of how much would a tuk-tuk driver cost per half a day? and what is the quickest/best way to travel from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh (coming back)?

Sorry to ask many questions, but would be great if any of you could advise of a good hotel close to the Angkor Wat temple or the main bus station as well.

Thank you in advance!

Edited: 1:50 am, September 13, 2019