Inquiry Submission By Jessica

Hi all!

My friend and I are planning an extended trip to India and Southeast Asia, and possibly going on New Zealand and Australia. We plan to be gone between 6 months and a year, so will obviously need to keep in touch with family back in the UK. A friend of ours who travelled SEA in the past found no problem finding free Wifi in all the hostels she stayed in, but other bloggers and posts on this site have recommended buying SIM cards in each country and topping them up. However, I recently camped across Western USA and was recommended buying a SIM when I landed as my UK phone would not work out there. I went feeling confident I would have no trouble getting my phone up and running, but couldn’t find a suitable SIM until only weeks before my trip ended! I did not go to many larger cities as I was camping through the mountains, so perhaps here was where my problem lay, but I did go to plenty of larger towns and had no luck finding the recommended SIMs. I am, therefore, worried the same might happen again! How easy is it to find cheap SIMs, or preferably, how common is free WIFI? We do not plan to go off the beaten track, and will most likely simply follow the Banana Pancake Trail through the towns and cities, as common.

Thank you for your help!