Inquiry Submission By unclekevin

Please don’t waste your $6 on the audio guide, instead pay $3 to enter, then find the tour guides that work within the grounds (they will be wearing grey shirts/blouses) & then tip them after your have finished your tour, the main reason, is because they will know more about Tuol Sleng than the audio guide.

I was lucky to have a tour guide (she & her family experienced the horrors under the Khmer Rouge) her information she told me invaluable, I saw a lot of experienced tour guides sat around the grounds, and when I asked her why, she said that the audio guides have made them (tour guides) virtually redundant.

I’m not promoting the tour guides, but there is a huge picture on your left when you enter Tuol Sleng, and on that picture is a boy, well that boy actually works at Tuol Sleng, I bet that the audio guides don’t tell you this, now you can decide if you still want to get an audio guide or actually tour guide.