Inquiry Submission By LostForeigner001

Hey everyone. I hope you’ve all had an excellent New Year’s Eve!

I arrived in Phnom Penh today (From South Africa), hoping to start my life as an TEFL English Teacher.

I feel overwhelmed and scared. And so lost. This is my first time overseas, and yes, I chose Phnom Penh because of so many other recommendations.

Does anyone have any advice for coping with the change and what to start doing?

I got a Sim card, and tomorrow I want to try and get to a pharmacy, a printing shop and a place to buy an adapter.

My plan is to find a place to live and then find international schools around the place (preferably Russian Market). But if anyone knows of a quieter place for a first time traveler, please let me know.

And finally, does this feeling go away? Is it just first time travel anxiety or am I overthinking everything?