Inquiry Submission By jewl18


Just a bit of a warning for anyone touring the temples. We had a great time with no issues until we got to Ta Som. Inside the temple there were a few people dressed in Police uniform. One person in particular (who smelled strongly of alcohol) began chatting to us and pointed out a couple of reliefs on the wall that we were near that were in good condition. He then beckoned us over to another one just out of sight and told us a bit of a story about it. To cut a long story short, he began pointing out various statues etc all of which were hidden and which we would not have seen…but which we didn’t really need to see. He then eventually led us back to where we had started and demanded money for the things he had shown us.

We didnt experience this at any of the other temples – yes, we were offered guides outside the temple and yes there was security inside the temples but they generally left you alone.

Just to give everyone a heads up and be a bit more aware than we were when he started pointing things out!